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Shoshone-Bannock Casino
Fort Hall, ID
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Hotel Details for Shoshone-Bannock Casino:
Hotel Overview:
Online ReservationsOnlineOpen in New Window
Phone Reservations855-746-2268
Corner King
Executive King
Junior Suite
Signature Suite
Hotel Smoking Policy:
Hotel is smoke free.Smoking is not permitted in the hotel.
Hotel Pet Policy:
Pets are not permitted in the hotel.No Pets Allowed.
Notable Amenities:
Complimentary Bottled Water
Guests receive complimentary bottled water in their rooms.
Conference/Meeting Rooms
Guest can book meetings at the conference room in this hotel.
Hotel has rooms available with a desk/work area in them.
Fitness Center
Fitness Center available for guests at the hotel.
Flat Screen Television
Hotel has rooms available with a flat screen television in them.
In-room Coffee/Tea
Guests receive complimentary coffee and/or tea in their rooms.
In-room Safe
Hotel rooms contain a safe to store valuables.
Outdoor Pool
Hotel has an outdoor pool for guests.
Hotel offers spa services.
WiFi Internet
Wireless internet available to all guests.
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